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A Message from Peggy

peggy.2.jpgI will never forget the moment I discovered that I was ‘born to bake and decorate’. Silly as it sounds, this is truly how I felt and still do.  I was 14 years old when I baked and decorated my very first cake. I took great pride in my work and had never before taken so much satisfaction from something so fun.  I was immediately hooked and spent most of my teenage years in the kitchen baking and icing my heart out, much to my family's delight!

Knowing that a career in cakes was for me from such an early age lead me to research training courses and to search for places of inspiration and new skills. Very quickly I noticed that it wasn’t an easy task. Conventionally, the only professional route to pursue was a traditional apprenticeship as a baker or pastry chef, which to my disappointment didn’t offer much flexibility on the creative side of cake making. I always knew that although a solid foundation in the art of baking and patisserie was essential, sugar craft, piping and flower making was where my heart lay. peggy4.jpg

Luckily, I discovered that the UK offered a much wider range of courses in this field than my native Germany, so I packed my bags and moved to London at the age of 23. Initially it wasn’t easy to find a direct route that would allow me to achieve my goals; however, I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu and studied for my Patisserie Diploma and a City & Guilds Foundation Course in Sugar Craft. I was lucky to find opportunities along the way that allowed me to developed and establish my own style with techniques that have contributed to the Peggy Porschen brand.

Following the success of my company, I am fortunate to receive many letters and emails from like-minded people, who have discovered their passion for cakes. They often ask for advice regarding how and where to start their career. It made me realise how grateful I would have felt in the early years had there been a suitable place for me to learn and start my career, so I set about creating my own curriculum and taught my first master class in the winter of 2009. I quickly realised how naturally teaching comes to me; I enjoy passing on the skills and experience gained over the last decade, as well as spending time getting to know fellow cake makers who each share the same passion and enthusiasm for the beautiful craft. As the demand for master classes grew I decided it was time to take the next step and the idea of opening my first academy was born. The Peggy Porschen Academy is a place where cake lovers from all over the world get together to learn, share and enjoy the art of making cakes, cookies and confectionary. I take an enormous amount of pleasure from my student’s achievements and the pride they feel when they complete the projects I set them. The Academy gives me the opportunity to teach throughout the year and to spot fledgling talent, which is something I truly relish.


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